A layer of dirt had built up so that the customers had forgotten what their tile floor looked like originally.

film forming layers build up on the floor over time

After years of use, normal household cleaners don’t do an effective job of removing stained grout from the lower sections of the shower:


Showers can be regrouted instead of replacing the shower pan

After a thorough cleaning, recaukling and grout removal and replacement the shower is ready for action.

New grouted tile looking very clean

Here is a travertine floor during the cleaning and polishing process. After about 7 years of use the floor has lost it’s original shine and needed to be restored.

travertine stone marble being honed and polished look


Travertine and Marble Cleaner used

Original gloss and clarity restored.

Saltillo floor after many years of wear and tear. Customers were remodeling their kitchen and needed to renew the look of their floor.


saltillo terra cota coating stripping sealing


saltillo terra cota coating stripping sealing

The mildew situation had gotten out of control in the shower door.


Shower Regrouting removal and restoration small floor


After mildew removal of mold in cuallking

No matter how bad – WE CAN FIX IT!

Here is a commercial kitchen buffet area that needed a good cleaning:


Hotel - Commercial Cleaning and Sealing

After color sealing the grout a more maintenance friendly color:

Hotel after grout removal and repair

Even the worst build up of mold and mildew can be removed through our cleaning, regrouting and recualking processes.


moldy mildew removal in a bathroom shower


after bathtub has been recaulked

Here is a polishing demo we did for a customer. They were interested in taking their honed (low gloss) travertine to a higher gloss level (polished) and had us do a demo on a spare tile to see what it would look like. We clean, hone, polish all different types of stone including: marble, granite, travertine, limestone, slate and much more.

Marble Granite Polishing Cleaning

Here is a job we did where the customer had a counter top with small 3″ tiles that were several years old. The grout lines had been filled with years or cooking oil and grease. After thoroughly cleaning the tile and grout we were able to seal the grout with a color sealer that protected it from further staining. The customer was considering having their counter tops replaced but were pleasantly surprised after seeing the final result.


Color Sealing a Kitchen Counterop


New looking commercial tile and grout restoration

Discoloration of the grout is the number one concern for homeowners – color sealing the grout can make it better than new again.


Ceramic and Porcelain tile cleaning and coloring


The color had been corrected on this tile

During the cleaning stage all the years of dirt and grime are easy to see:

Cleaning a dity moldy floor


Floors after being cleaned

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